We pride ourselves in being awesome at asking good questions.

Naturally, in everything we do we empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. But defining, ideating and prototyping are relatively easy - because answers are easy. Questions are hard though. Good questions are even harder.

Because at its heart UX is a cognitive science - and like all science UX needs to be unbiased. Empathy and user testing require to be grounded in reality, so all user interactions with your company, your services, and your product are free of bias.

Great UI is then the skillful visual representation of good UX. It minimizes steps & actions through simplicity and invisibly trains your users through consistency and seamless feedback on all actions. It is also visually delightful.



is unique

Bonny Morlak

Bonny Morlak

Startup Coach

Meet Bonny Morlak, founder and  Senior UX Lead.

Bonny is a passionate UX Strategist with a superpower in mobile and SaaS.

His proven success as CMO,CRO and CEO for tech companies in Australia and the US gives him an extensive experience in overcoming agile-related challenges and accelerating lean testing cycles, resulting in remarkable accomplishments such as a patented UX for mobile e-commerce and a gold award out of 3555 competitors from Publicis Groupe in Paris.

As a startup coach, Bonny has a deep insight into user-centric testing towards product-market fit and scaling. He is a creative big-picture thinker with German attention to detail, an energetic collaborator motivated to inspire, and an excellent communicator of design intent verbally and visually.


Loud introvert, empathetic

Most proud

Dad of 2 amazing adult sons, 10-day silent meditation

Interesting fact

Lived in rainforest without a house for 3.5 years


Long Island Food Bank, Vipassana Meditation Retreat Australia

Favorite Music

Tchaikovsky against depression and Bob Marley to dance

Favorite Painter


Design hero

Dieter Rams
Barbara Isber

Barbara Isber

UX/UI Designer

Meet Barbara, energetic UX/UI designer with an Architecture degree.

Architecture gave Barbara a strong technical discipline and human-centered approach, but was ultimately too slow for her high energy and impatience.

She fell in love with UX/UI and has been excelling in the field ever since. Barbara embraces experimentation, hypotheses, and rapid testing, making her an asset to any cross-functional multidisciplinary team or small startups looking to craft honest, inclusive, and meaningful experiences.

With a deep sense of empathy, Barbara is passionate about working with intelligent, creative, and visionary people on exciting projects that make the world a better place. She enjoys the fast pace of startups and is known for her ability to deliver exceptional results.


Fast learner, Smily face, resourceful

Most proud

Played music in front of 1000 people

Interesting fact

In love with learning new languages.
Never finishes her coffee... well not even her tea.


Music activities for children with Down syndrome.
Painting activities for children with cancer.

Favorite Music

Vivaldi for all seasons
Bob Dylan for all reasons

Favorite Painter

Vincent van Gogh

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